Istria, known as the undiscovered heaven of Mediterranean and hit destination, offers Medieval towns rising above olive groves and vineyards. Istrian wines are praised by many and a growing number of restaurants have entered the famous guides because of uniqueness. Agritourism’s and cellars in the heart of Istria will reveal to their guest’s original traditional recipes and those around coastline will offer variety of Mediterranean taste.


      Each season in Istria offers something to discover. Not only that you can experience gastronomical and vacation leisure but you can also enjoy in cultural, recreational and natural beauty of this country. Festivals of wine and gastronomy, music festivals, cycling trails, hidden corners all around,  UNESCO’s cultural heritages, protected natural beauty, charming people and so more... This is destination that you not only explore but you live it!


Dubrovnik Region is the southernmost part of Croatia. We can tell that its also most famous town in Croatia. The whole region deals exclusively in tourism and it is the most highly regarded part of Croatia as Dubrovnik is on UNESCO World Heritage List since 1979. The wonders of Dubrovnik attract tourists from all over the globe and it is no wonder it has been nick named The Pearl of the Adriatic. The City itself is featured by perfectly preserved white stone defensive walls with mighty forts and towers, characteristic Baroque houses with red roof tops, and many Gothic-Renaissance palaces. Apart from the unique architecture, Dubrovnik is basked by the clear sea and surrounded by amazing countryside making the unique city a perfect place for vacation and sightseeing.  

So, welcome to Croatia!